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A little something about the author

Georgette Lee-Magin, RN

I am a registered Philippine nurse, sure nothing special about that. But I’m sure care assistants and nurses like me and anyone who works in the healthcare industry would know how this profession changes our general outlook in life.

Aside from my chosen vocation, I am also passionate in writing and the wonders of the online world. I am currently managing a webdesign company: Magin Web Design my husband and I have created few years ago. As of today, we are in our third year of trading and so far, I enjoy what I do and still find the art of web designing and the internet fascinating.

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry before and I truly well enjoyed it. What makes is special is the responsibility that is specially entrusted to us and of course, all the precious relationships I have made both with my former colleagues and the patients I cared for.

Though I’m not working as a healthcare team member anymore, I wouldn’t hesitate to look after somebody who needs health assistance of any form at anytime.

Yes, I love caring, writing and computers so what better way to put it all together than creating a medical related blog? That’s how The Medical Negligence is born.

To all healthcare writers out there who shares the same passion as I have, you are welcome to submit articles!