Coke’s 60 minutes effect that will make you think twice

Would you still drink Coca Cola the way you used to after this?


Coca Cola effects in an hour

I guess everyone of us have drank a can, bottle or an ice cold glass of Coke in our lives. Most of us are aware that it is not really the most healthiest drink to choose but still, we consume it anyway. There are a lot of facts shared overtime about the nation’s favorite drink; some true, some not, some either exaggerated or a bit twisted. Recently, The Renegade Pharmacist published an infographics that went viral which was regarding Coca Cola effects that happens to our body within 60 minutes. Some showered the author Niraj with compliments but there are also a lot of speculations and negative comments regarding the facts that was presented. Is there any truth behind this findings?

Overview: Coca-Cola

As stated in Coca Cola’s official website, Coca Cola┬áis the largest beverage company in the world with over 500 still and sparkling products. The company have well and truly proven itself worldwide and there’s no doubt that everyone is familiar with this household name.


The infographics presented by Coca-Cola shows a lot of interesting facts about the company. Who would’ve thought that our favourite drink Coke has a very rich history and facts behind it?

So what about health wise? How does Coke affects our body, our health, our lives?

Here’s the illustration that has gone viral recently. It presents the Coca Cola effects in our body that happens after an hour. Some are completely shocked by it, some knew some of it, some finds it ridiculous, some even disputed it. Now it’s your turn to judge:


So what do you think about it? Would you still buy and drink Coke after reading all these?


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