It’s very unfortunate that despite modern medical advances, medical negligence cases still steal the headlines every now and then. It is very bothersome that medical negligence in fact tops the chart of cause of death for an instance, being top 3 in USA the year 2012 according to the Journal of American Medical Association.

Examples of medical negligence cases

Here are some of the most disturbing medical negligence cases that hit the spotlight for all the wrong reasons:


Stafford Hospital Scandal

A public inquiry was set November of 2010 due to alarming rise of avoidable deaths in the said National Health Service Trust hospital in UK. Medical Negligence comes to play as it was clearly pointed out that the root of all was the terrible standard of care rendered to patients.

Several stories one after the other surfaced on how the staff undoubtedly played the main role to the failure of quality healthcare delivery. One widow even tearfully narrated how her husband was treated inhumanely days before his last breath. She painfully recalled how his husband was secluded in a supposedly quarantine room begging even for a glass of water. He was found by his wife lying on his own excrement several times. The wife just couldn’t accept how hard her husband has to spend his last days in this hospital.

This scandal opened a wide eye even towards the entire system of the UK’s NHS which is one of the best in the world.

Watch BBC’s report:

Examples of medical negligence cases, NHS Trust Stafford Hospital Scandal
Stafford Hospital report: As it happened


Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children

Kate Blewett’s documentary shocked the world showing an institution for unwanted children in Mogilino. It was showed how they were left to suffer so much low quality care that even basic human needs are delivered in a substandard way. The children residing in that care home needed care and love just like any children and some of them even needed more attention due to presenting mental and medical concerns.

Medical negligence is definitely apparent; staff from Mogilino are incompetent and can’t even lend a heart for the children. Children were treated with a stereotyped approach that all they need is to be washed, fed and dressed not even considering their individual complications.

Watch the controversial documentary:


Winterbourne View

Over the decade there are quite several documentaries and news that revealed some shocking truth of what happens in some care facilities in UK. Everything was made possible with the aid of powerful organizations and media such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and secret cameras from concerned families of service users.

No one was spared. Children, the elderly, people with disabilities and every other individual who needed care were neglected and instead treated badly which even made day to day living harder for them. Footages revealed how care workers behaved like robots without emotions giving low quality care and worse, even physically, mentally and emotionally abused people who were solely depending on them.

One of the most striking incident was that of Winterbourne View. The said hospital caters for people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. It was very surprising to see how staff treated service users without respect and even physically abused them. It was more than just a simple medical negligence case.  Imagine UK’s chilly winter; one of the staff dragged a service user out and poured water leaving him lying outside with the freezing temperature. Such things questioned the integrity of UK’s care system.

Watch the Panorama Undercover Elderly Care:


Breast Cancer Scandal

Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in UK. Breast cancer is one common among women. Total mastectomy or removal of the breast tissue is suggested to be a very good option to stop the spread or even eradicate cancer cells in an affected individual.

Today, Ian Paterson is a familiar name associated with breast cancer sadly not because of a ground breaking cure or any innovative contribution but of the opposite. He made dozens of breast cancer patients suffer due to unregulated procedures that lead to more complication rather than a positive prognosis.

1100 cases were identified coming from both NHS and private sector with more or less 500 medical negligence cases claims made up to now. Usual case scenario is Paterson’s negligence of performing the right operation and was said to always end up with cleavage sparing mastectomies which is identified to have a low chance of success for cancer patients.

Watch a report from the Telegraph:

Examples of medical negligence cases, Breast Surgery Error
Women speak after ‘unnecessary’ cancer surgery


Victoria Climbie Child Abuse Death

The case was termed as a crime that shook the child protection system of Britain and definitely one of the worst child abuse cases.  Eight year old  Victoria died February of 2000 in the hands of her aunt and live in boyfriend. The tragic case was strongly argued to must have been avoided if only stronger child protection procedures were put in place.

Poor little child suffered from inhumane treatments but admired for her angelic and never fading smile amidst of it all as described by nurses, childminder, and other people who encountered her. Behind closed doors in her aunt’s boyfriend’s bedsit flat in London, Victoria Climbe lived her life more like a slave.

Autopsy revealed countless injuries in every part of the child’s body. Cigarette burns, scalding on the head, cuts on her fingers, belt buckle marks, name it. She had to spend her night in a dark in the bathtub with nothing but a black bag that restrained her body with additional masking tape wrapped around her arms and feet. And one day, her young body just gave in.

Truly a negligence on the part of several health care personnel and social workers who was expected to help her. It is also devastating that after this case, few other child abuse cases have followed and all lead to death.

Watch the documentary Crime that Shook Britain:

With high hopes that this list will never grow ever again. The reality is, stories are made almost every single day. It’s daunting, shocking and almost unbearable that more and more lives are destroyed due to medical errors.

P.S. Do you know any examples of medical cases you want to share? Leave us a message, we are willing to write about your story that it may increase awareness and hopefully we learn lessons that we may reap from these unwanted experiences.



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