Dental negligence claims

Ian’s dental malpractice case

In Lees, Oldham, a case proves that dental-related claims are not to be taken lightly.

Mail Online writes, Ian Lisle fought his case for five long years against Dr. Michael Garside. He did have a hard time during the trials but he successfully triumphed and Ian won a £42,500 payout. 

Biggest dental malpractice claim payout Ian Lisle
Ian received a generous dental payout
Ian Lisle fought his case for five long years against Dr. Michael Garside but successfully triumphed and won a £42,500 payout.

The father of two lost nearly half his teeth but was told time and time again during his regular check ups that there was no problem. The self- employed tire fitter Ian has severe decay on 11 of his teeth to be exact and was supposed to need dental implants but were just left unattended. An implantologist made him realise the extent of the damage and was told that he needed to lose more of his teeth. Ian shared how much the incidence massively caused an impact on his confidence and his life as a whole.

Though his story sounds as unfortunate as it is, still, some people are taking it as a joke and some are even reacting strongly negative. Some people who knew about his story surprisingly bashes Ian for the dental mishap he has been on. Here are some comments people made about Ian’s story:

MAJOR EXTRACTION, on the dentist’s wallet!Andy Warhol

Your teeth are the least of your worries, pal.LittleRayOfSunshine

How can he blame the dentist when he clearly is to blame himself! oral hygiene isn’t rocket science eat the right foods brush with a decent toothbrush and paste floss and mouthwash! They dont just rot without you noticing!!confuddled

Though it seems dental malpractice cases opens a debate, it is but fair to say that even victims of dental errors have the right to fight their ground. If people greatly suffers from a dental issue due to a doctor’s negligence, who are we to say that they should keep their mouth shut and ignore the damage done?

Dental Malpractice

There are tons of medical negligence cases surfacing today and yet dental malpractice is left aside. Though it is one component that we definitely shouldn’t miss, some people think our teeth is not really important compared to all other body parts. We would rarely hear about dental errors over the news but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t exist. Sadly, the extent of damage of dental malpractice can be as powerful as any medical negligence case we usually hear of.

People may straightaway conclude that dental malpractice can only lead to a damage of the teeth. It can’t be as serious as a typical medical negligence case, right? Wrong. We don’t realize that a simple dental error can also lead to a life changing situation and even in worst cases, death.

A painful tooth can disrupt an entire day’s plan and if left untreated, can eventually turn into a complication. One can be inflicted with infections, even brain affectation, loss of appetite, lack of self confidence, disruption of concentration, and other unwanted effects of a simple dental problem.

The duty of a dentist is quite simple just like any other competent medical practitioner does. Identify the problem, treat the patient and prevent it from happening again and of course, give useful tips to keep the oral cavity healthy. For some reasons, some dentists are just irresponsible or maybe entirely incompetent to know this basic things.

Dental malpractice cases should be treated seriously as important as other medical claims whether we like it or not. We should hear individual cases and know exactly what happened before judging the person and being so skeptical about it.

P.S. What can you say about Ian’s case? Do you think he deserves the compensation awarded to him or is it really his own fault that he suffered this dental problem?

Have you heard about any other dental malpractice cases? Share your thoughts or stories with us!


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